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by - August 21, 2015

Can I have my parents here, in KL?


My siblings used to call me, 'anak manja' since I always being close with my parents. But hey, hello? I am the eldest okay and used to live independent from the start. But then it was only my physical appearance that show my indie side while my heart always wants to be close to them.

I am 24 years old, studying at Shah Alam and now working at KL. Everybody finds that I am strong enough to live on my own. I am able to travel anywhere alone too. Until I reach at the point where I think, people didn't see my inner side because it's already fade with the independent side of mine.


So last night, when my mother called (she was never missed to call me everyday. Never.) and asked me about my day, I just spilled out everything. About the work, about the people I met on the street, about the old man who's selling kuih and about people who were run for money like nothing important more than that.

And she said, out of sudden. "Abah always asks you to take care of yourself there. We are worry actually."

Only dad knows what best. Only ma understand everything.


I will going back home soon. Even I will stay only for 2 days, still, I'm going home.

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