And the Life of This World is Nothing but Play and Amusement - Surah Al An'am

by - September 15, 2015

Everything in this world is temporary. What we have now, what I have now are all temporary. But all of those things were bonded to me tightly. I can't lose them, that's what I always said. I love them too much. But sometimes, it can be way around.

But you know, Allah knows well how to let us face with those temporary things. He might makes our heart deceive from what we love most. And in the end, it is ourselves actually who slowly dislike them. How I get to know about it?

My friend wants to resign from his current job that once, he loves it too much. Of course, just whom didn't want the opportunity to work in the position that he had, at the place that he stay and salary that might make others feel envy about it? Everyone wants it.

Then, he made a decision to quit because of the workload, less bonding time with family and yeah, office politics. I thought he was just stress and he needs to get back his source of life. I thought he just need a long holiday and everything will be okay. Then he can back to work as usual because he was the person who loves his job damn much at the first place. That was what I thought. But his decision is rigid. He resigned. Yes, resign just like that. Resign without secure another job. 

How come a person who loves his job, makes a decision to quit and then that's it, resign? 
How come a person who thinks nothing is more happier than get that job, end up dislike it?

Because it's not us who hold our heart. It belongs to Allah. Everything belongs to him. That is why all of things in this world are temporary. Can't you understand this, dear Ain?

I take a deep breath and think. It's not right. So many things not right. I obey what He said in Quran but did my heart truly for him? I know the answer. I got it. 

What is destined will reach you, even if it be beneath two mountains.
What is not destined will not reach you, even if it be between your two lips.
 -Imam Al Ghazali

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