Books, Roses, Coffee = The Perfect Love

by - September 11, 2015

I don't know why but I probably like books more than anything in this world. When I enter a bookstore, it was like I greet the old friend. Once my footsteps are in, I keep smiling. That was heaven. The smell of the new books and old books. The arrangements, the writers. All of that makes me feel alive.

Why? Because I will feel half alive when I'm at work. Luckily we have Kino here! So, level 4 in Suria KLCC is my favourite floor. I go there during lunch or even after works. Books surely stress relaxation. I had bought 10 books over a day. Just imagine my mother's reaction when I told her. She was like, "I thought you were going to buy handbag or shoes or new clothes bla bla bla." Yes, because in the end, no matter how beautiful handbag is, up-to-date the shoes are, I will chose books over them. Oh, poor you handbag and shoes!

And what I need during my weekend is the time. Reading a book, having a coffee and there is a bouquet of roses beside me. That is more than enough. Oh and plus, it's rainy day. Oh my, this is so beyond imagination.

Well, I realize something now. When we work, there is a little time for us to cope back with our life. We might remember our family and friends but we tend to have a very short time with them. For us, youngsters, this is really painful. We got to leave home during our study time, and still stay alone even after graduated (you are so lucky if you can work nearby your home). But yes, like what my father said, kerja tu some sorts of amanah. And no matter where you work, work on it until you don't have to introduce yourself. Touche, right?

Waaah. So much babbling already during lunch hour. Well, I will made my way to Kino ;-) And I will only buy A book. Just a book. Trust me.

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