Jangan takut gagal, karena yang tidak pernah gagal hanyalah orang-orang yang tidak pernah melangkah - Hamka

by - October 15, 2015

"Apabila kamu ingin meminta sesuatu, maka pintalah semata-mata hanya kepada Allah; dan apabila kamu ingin memohon pertolongan, maka pohonlah pertolongan semata-mata kerana Allah." - said my brother last night when he called me.


It makes me smiles. Sometimes, we need someone who can advice us no matter what situation we are in. And I was always find it beautiful to have someone who is actually care and reminds me that this life is actually temporary. No matter how struggle you are, just remember that someone, somewhere might be in much worst condition than yours. 

"When you see someone who is not financially capable, help. Don't just stare." 

I nodded even I know he couldn't see me. I know the rules. Give as much as you can and Allah will grant you more than that. Don't ever feel hesitate to sedekah. You won't lose anything at all. Instead, you will gain more. And the most important thing is, the happiness that you get for giving.

"I know you might be tired sometimes, But like what you always said, hasbiyallahu wa ni'mal wakeel. Allah is sufficient for us and He is the best disposer of affairs of us."

Yeah I know that words, I said it countless times during my interview. It is my booster everytime I feel down because in the end, only Allah can ease everything for us. And maybe he thinks that I might forget what he said, he sent me his voice message recording what he said before. Too adorable, I must say. 

Thank you for your kindness. Thank you for your advice. Thank you for every words you said even sometimes it hurts. But hurting suits me well because only by that, I will be in conscious mood. 

I should back home soon. 

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