Ever has it been that love knows not its own depth until the hour of separation - Kahlil Gibran

by - December 28, 2015

We often do not appreciate the existence of people in our life. We forget to see the effect they give to us. Until at one point, where those people slowly fade away and disappear. And at that time, regret is not an option. It has to be accepted.

I don’t know this short story title since my sister just sent me chapter 2. But whoever wrote this, I owe you a very huge appreciation. It’s about a girl, who is hardly fall in love. But then, when she did, that guy died. And I was stuck in the middle either to continue read it or just stop. But well, curiosity kills the cat right? And might be so to human being. Then, I continue.

I must say that the writer wants to highlight the appreciation part and how to deal with a loss. Because sometimes we often forget what we have in front of us until that person leave. And what more to left? Memory. But then in Tihani’s story, she didn’t has any memory at all. Nothing to be remembered. I think that’s better instead of having too much memories which can makes she hurts more in the end.

I feel it, to be truth. (I mean, I felt it when I read that story lah ;-p)

When you have plenty of time to say something but then you only got a chance after that person leave you. Forever.  What to do anymore? You write so many letters, but still, that person cannot read it. You cried missing him badly, but he won’t come. He died. Already.

That is why, when you get a chance to say something, then say it. Speak it from your heart. Doesn’t mean that you have to say I-Love-You to express your love. There are a lot of ways to show or say it. Even being concern with them also show that you are actually care about them. And we care for what we love.

So, when my brothers went to the mosque yesterday, I sent them in front of the door and told them to be careful. Well, should practice it as soon as possible since I’m afraid couldn’t do so in the future. And of course they were like =,=’ what happen to our sister ni?

Who cares? I love them all by the way. J      

Luka jiwa yang mereka idapkan, dilingkung oleh tembok dinding yang tebal dan tinggi, sehingga yang kelihatan oleh orang luar atau mereka ketahui hanya senyumnya saja, padahal senyum itu penuh dengan kepahitan.” 

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