Sometimes you make choices in life, and sometimes choices make you. - Gayle Forman

by - February 12, 2016

Stay strong, stay gold. 
You don't have to fear.

February, my favorite month in a year.

It indicates that I am 25 already. I am young lady and probably being a woman soon. Time flies so fast and I've learnt a lot too. I learn how to survive alone, not depends too much on people, let Allah decides everything for me and maybe waiting for the next phase of my life. I don’t know. And not even know if I am still alive next February or not. February comes and go and see how much Ain Yusra grow :-) 


How could a heart like yours,
Ever love a heart like mine?

I’m trying so hard to move on from yesteryear. Praying so hard so that the hardships gone. But with every hardships, there’s a relief, right? It comes in two together. So the hardships is still there. But it just me who already learn how to be patient and accept it wholeheartedly.

And yes, I am thankful for those who always be there for me. Calm me down and just accept me for who I am. I remember every single deed that you guys offered me. And to those people, only Allah can grants you the rewards and bless your life. 

Many thanks for the books, the cd compilation, the 'pandora' box, the experience and the friendships. 

Thank you. 

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