Happiness is not out there, it's in you

by - September 01, 2016

When I was young (I am still young, tho ;p), there were so many things that I wanted to achieve in my future and at that time, everything looks easy. The path that I created was so smooth. It was like the incline graph in the chart. But when time flies, I realized one thing. It’s not that easy. In fact, it was difficult. I cried countless times. I fell most of the time too. Life was so unfair back then. Everything looks unfair for me. I kept questioning too. Why me?

I didn’t see the sweetness of being patience at that time. I didn’t see how my future looks like too in the end. It was like jigsaw puzzle in 1000 pieces. You try and error. Sometimes it fits with one another and sometimes you fail even you try harder. But one thing that I always feel grateful is, having a family. Actually, it doesn’t matter how many times you fall as long as there’s always people who will support you at the back, who always lend you their hands and keep telling you that everything will be okay. Those kind of people, are the most precious thing that I ever have during my hard time. 

Time flies. Many things change too. The graph that I hope to be inclined before, still just like that. But it’s not something that you have to complain anymore. I learn one thing. Be grateful. Always be grateful. Sometimes things might be simple or even small for you. But it’s actually the things that other people are hoping for. I know that kind of feeling. I know the feeling of not getting what you want. I know the feeling of waiting for something but it’s not for you. I know the feeling of getting the word, ‘Sorry’ too. I’ve experienced it so many times. And when people told me about their failure, I was just smile. Not because I don’t pity them. But I already get used to it in my past, when I was so young to feel that feeling. When most of us were enjoying their teenage life and I have to struggle for my future.

But life is not always difficult guys. Allah knows how much your tears, how tired and helpless you are too. Everything counted. When I talk to my family and they throwback about the old story, it never failed to make me smile. And I am so grateful to Him. Yes, I cannot predict what will happens in my future. But Allah’s plan surely the best. But without people who I called family, I am nothing. I might not become me as of today.

Every single strength that I get of getting up even I am down, is coming from them. That’s why I keep promising myself. I want them to be with me not just during my hardships. I want them together with me during my happiness too. Watching me during my graduation day, supporting me during my interviewing day, and cherishing me during my working days. Thank you. I always remember every single helps that you guys offered me. Thanks again.

I should wipe my tears now, I think.

Ain Yusra. 

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