Perhaps we are so eager of showing what we have that we forget to foresee what other people don’t.

by - December 15, 2016

I think I’ve had enough that I don’t have to chase for more. When people ask me to create something that can gain money and make me rich, I was just thinking. Why I have to do so? Just whom didn’t want to be rich, right? But being rich doesn’t mean that you are already enough. You will go for more and more. And that’s why my answer will always be that. I had enough already. Just enough to pay my monthly expenses, to share with my family and those in need as well as for my food. That’s all.

Yes, I may not be able to get everything that I want. But it’s okay as long as I get what I need. The way I gain money might be different from other people. There are people who are so successful with their business. And I might be better in my job. If I do the same thing like other people, it doesn’t mean that I will be as successful as them.

We have our different path. We are talented in different fields. Then why bother comparing? Our life is not the same. Even our problem also comes from a different perspective. So, if a person is good in that field, doesn’t mean I will be better in it too. But yeah, it is worth trying. It just not now. Well, I guess.

But if I can choose what to do, of course I want a bookstore. A small shop but compact with books, with the fine lighting and sooth background music. Then it will be surrounded with the smell of books. Just books. No stationary. Customers can just come without feeling bother since I will not follow them. They are free to choose. They are free to ask. It was like a small heaven for a booklover. Oh, how nice it is. Since dream is free and imagination is unlimited, then I think it will looks like this 😃

Google image

Google image

But that’s not the matter actually. I think I should gain more money to buy more books since Rumi ain’t joking -__-'' so I will just make a visit to Kino to find these Rumi and take them later. I mean, buy them. 

Happiness :-)

and happiness :-)

"Dont just be good to others, be good to yourself too." - ☺

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