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by - January 09, 2017

So sudden people change, turning into somebody else. And they blame the changes while changing is not a sin, it is people, who choose the way, either changing for good or bad.

Of Girl and Modesty

We were waiting for the foods when my friend showed me this one website of clothing. Then my eyes stuck on the page that I currently reading. I think my heart stop beating. And we looked at each other.. She stopped talking, and we both started focusing while reading.

“Seriously?” her eyes were wide opened.

I nodded. I can saw her face became red, as if she was very angry. Me too. The article that I read was about women and modesty. And in that article there were a few screenshots about a girl who has been exploited. Well, I’m not sure whether it is a kind of exploitation or her willingness. There were a collage of pictures of a girl, from wearing a proper attire (covering aurat) until she wears nothing. And at the bottom of the picture, it was written her name together with her father’s name. My God it is so shameful.

I don’t know the purpose of showing it, neither my friend got that point. But in the end, we both agree that internet really gives a huge impact in our daily life. It will be good, if people choose to use for the good things and can turn bad if people misuse it. And I don’t know what is the purpose of showing that to public. That’s why I said earlier. Maybe she has been exploited or maybe she is willing to do so. I don’t know because seriously I don’t get the point of doing that.

Of Alhamduilillah and Facebook.

My friend, she is so against people who jotted down the ‘Alhamdulillah’ thingy in Facebook.

‘Alhamdulillah, finally secure a job.’ – show the offer letter together with the salary-
‘Alhamdulillah, dean list student forever.’ – show transcripts-
‘Alhamdulillah, manage to buy Ferrari.’ –show car-

Yes, those kind of things. Because for her, ‘Alhamdulillah’ is not to be jotted down, and showed off. It is when your heart feel so grateful with what Allah’s grant to you and you pray. And we have some conversations about it since I am not against those things. I think it’s okay as long as people know their limits. But of course, some didn’t.

But well, I often read they wrote like ‘I don’t care if people didn’t like what I share or post. It is my Facebook and it depends on me to post anything that I want.’ But when other people start to unfriend with them, they start to meroyan like, ‘This people already unfriend with me. Why? You think I’m so care to be friend with you? I still have a lot of friends la blablabla.’ And I was like, rolling eyes. Seriously dude? What do you want actually? So pathetic la this human. And yes, I think sharing is okay. But sometimes, maybe we should think about others too instead of sharing happily what we achieve. Not all people in this world are born lucky, you know.

Well, there were a lot more that we talked but perhaps it’s more to personal matter. And yes, I get to understand different perspective of life; not just moving around in what I believe only.  Because different people have their own point of view in observing things. Respects others even it might opposed yours. And stop being selfish by just throwing your ideology without listening to other party.

Happy Weekend. 
[Sunday, 8th January 2017.]

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