What goes around comes around.

by - January 07, 2017

Let me tell you something.

People, they are not always be there to help you. Sometimes you have to work on yourself. Maybe the time where you need the help won't come yet because those 'people' are still there. But when they leave, say no more. You, are going to face it alone. And it just soonest.

So I am wondering. Graduated in well known course and holding a position of an 'E', yet didn't know how to do the 'E' job? Funny. So what are you learning by the way? For the whole 4 years what had you learned? Or you are just excel in talking? Well nevermind. Lots of people are good in talking instead of doing work nowadays. It's not weird. And thats not my point either.

Because my purpose of writing this is to give the clear picture that yes, Allah holds our rezeki. But you have to remember. If it looks not enough to you, then step back and ponder. Are you worth for that salary? Then you should know whether it is blessed or not ☺

If it yes, then alhamdulillah. But if it's not, why don't you look at yourself and ask that question. Why it is not enough? It is surely because of you. Because you are the only person who have the answer.

Have a nice sleep and a nice weekend ahead.

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