“Some of the most beautiful things we have in life comes from our mistakes.”

by - February 26, 2017

Your smile.
Your voice.
Your eyes.
Your personality.
― Tamara Stamenkovic
Sometimes what we need from someone is not expensive gifts or surprises or candle light dinner or whatsoever. We just need the small act of kindness. Something that is common but rarely done. Someone to wait for you outside your house until he found you safely get in. Someone who will nag around with his concerns about your safety or anything. Someone who get to tell you that you are special by just being yourself. Someone who thinks that Plain Jane is beautiful. Some sort like that.

Because there are so many desperate people nowadays to get married and they forgot the purpose of marriage. It’s not like your life will reach its end soon if you didn’t settle down before 30 😔. And it doesn’t mean that you will be happy if you settle down before 30 too right? It’s all about acceptance on how you are going to endure this.

Yes, some people might have a good intention of building a ‘friendships’ which means, they want to be friend for the purpose of getting married. That’s good, of course. But you have to remember one thing. It is you, who would like to end it like that. The other party? Maybe they are just thought of being ‘just friend’. Not more than that.  And when the relationship didn’t work as what you’ve planned, you will be upset.

Well, you are not upset because it didn’t work. You are upset because of your plan has been ruined. You are upset because it hurts your pride and ego. And you need to start again with someone else, which will takes some more time. But for me, it’s better to wait for the right person instead of wasting time with the wrong one.

Don’t urge something if it didn’t means to start yet. Just be patient, because there’s always be someone who is worth of waiting for.

And who knows that the person is the one who will put the highest efforts and appreciation towards you from the start till the end, right?


Because a good guy and girl, still exist. Don’t rush, just wait. Patiently. 😉

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