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by - March 08, 2017

Things that I like ❤

1. Reading. Bookstores. Books.

That was my passion. Reading makes me feel at peace and it let me imagine each of the places that I’ve never been. Bookstores and books are the most favorite companion when life is getting hard. And when there’s no one to listen to your noble heart.

2. Poems.

Well, it’s not cliché. The rhythm of the poem sometimes are soothing. And when you listen to it deeply, you will found out that the meaning is so close and real to your life. I mean, my life. Okay whatever 😎

3. Scenery.

Maybe I was living near to the beach that makes me feel amaze with those clear crystal beaches around the world. And the purpose of watching Goblin also just because of the Quebac scenery is so beautiful. How I wish I can be there.

Quebec, Canada ❤

4. Words.

I love nice words. Something that when you speak, it represents yourself. Not to tell the sweet sugarly honeybee words, but you know when you heard it, you feel at ease. I love that.

5. Understanding People.

Hard to find but when you have one, how lucky you are. It’s not easy to find someone that already knows what you want and how you feel without asking you. Those kind of people, they already experience so many things in their life that even if you don’t tell them your story, they know well how it goes. Ever speak to this kind of people? You will amazed and happy and relief.


6. Cute little things.

I love note books, or things that rarely seen. Mostly I bought them at Mr DIY or Typo. So cute that you feel so excited to use them. Anything that has a ‘cute-value’ often attract me.

Where. is. your. necckkkkk 😂

7. KLCC.

I know. People might burst into laugh if I said that. But I truly love KLCC. Not because I work there but I like everything in KLCC. The park, the bookstore (Kinokuniya), the Aquaria, the Petrosains, the Galeri Petronas. All. Including the lighting and escalator, which are so well-design. Ok, stop acting as a Designer dear self 😎.

By the way, I miss my family. My parents, especially 😢 Can't wait to back home. 
 당신이 그리워요, 족…

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