"All you need is love. But a little chocolate now and then doesn't hurt."

by - April 18, 2017

I am in the condition where I would like to eat everything but I can’t even eat anything. So I will just posting the foods to keep me from being hungry 😫.


Well, yes. It is the coffee shop where Goblin’s drama take place but of course that one held in Korea. I love staying here because we can sit for quite long and suitable for chit chatting. And I used to order bingsui everytime I went there.

Bingsui is more likely ABC for us.

Since I didn’t drink coffee anymore, then chocolate is my favorite as of now 😃.

And this is the caramel cake. It’s a combination of cream, caramel and ice cream. Just nice I must say.


Snowball Bingsui

Another Korean’s shop but it’s located in Avenue K. this is my favorite last stop whenever we were too tired to going back. So we’re just chilling here for a while.

This is how snowball bingsui looks like. You can choose the topping if you want by the way.


I am not sure what to suggest here but I already try it’s desserts and pasta. And as of now, it’s okay.

Green tea for green tea lover. I tried it but errr maybe not used with it? 😁

I forgot its name
Looks good, right?


What else to say about this shop? It will be my forever favorite place for the entire life. Yep, Kino has its own café upstairs. I go for spaghetti and pizza here.

 When in doubt, go for food 😂.

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