Being happy, is a choice.

by - April 17, 2017

Friday, 14th April 2017.

I get to eat together with my Avengers’ team. And the location is shell out. Looking at my leg I thought I couldn’t make it but of course my friends were kind enough to drop me in front of the restaurant before they came back there.

So, here it was. We ordered 2 sets shell out and add on one more rice. Overall was good and delicious for RM 61.00. I think that’s affordable for five persons, isn’t it?

Well, before eating’s photo 😉

Happy Us!
After filling in our stomach, we're headed to look for tudung. But none of us bought one because we end up bought the bracelet 😃 we name it as #friendshipgoals. And I still wear it until now. 

Us, with the so-called Swarovski bracelet.
Then, that was it. We had joy we had fun we had season in the sun before we went back to office. But, happiness was never end.

I got a Whatsapp from my fiancé. He sent me this. Guess what it is because I have no idea too at first.

Oh em geeee!
That was the long lost books that I wanted the most. I've been waiting for these from last year since I didn’t get a chance to order them. The time when I would like to purchase, the order had been closed.

I was so eager to look at those books that I cannot wait till weekend. So, I got those books on the same day. And the first question was, ‘How am I going to sleep when I got them all?’ I put them beside my bed so that it will be the first thing that I saw when I open my eyes.

I like them all. There were poems from Panji Ramdana. I get to know him last year, when I first listen to his poem in my sister’s Instagram. And after that, I keep waiting for his books since I don’t have IG to follow him. Luckily, my fiancé knows about it and he bought me this set. It comes together with mp3 you know. That makes me much happier to tell.

Weird, isn’t it? Only with books someone can be happy. I myself also wondering about this. Why I am so excited towards books? Well I don’t have the answer either. But looking at books already makes me smile. And that’s why, I keep buying new books, in order to stay happy. Does it sounds good? 😃.

I wish, I never read those. 
I wish, they never end.
I wish, I keep receiving this kind of present in the future 😜.

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