Heals, please make it fast.

by - April 06, 2017

Today is my 6 days of staying at home. And you never know how bored it feels. Don’t ask me how many times I cried, because I myself didn’t get the answer too.

Hopeless me, I must say.

When you couldn’t do something that you used to do, it makes you feel worst. And of course, that was what I felt. I got to go to work yesterday and that was the happiest moment during this week. The time when I enter office and sit at my place. The time when I switch on my laptop and read emails. The time when I couldn’t breathe properly because of so many works.

I love them. I mean, I miss that moment. Because today, I am staying at home again.

Always expect the unexpected.

You’ll never know what will happen to your life in a blink. And it might change your whole day too.
I never knew that I will fell on the stairs on Friday with me, wearing my favourite jubah and the new tudung. I never knew that my heels would betray me like that. And I never knew I might stuck in the house until today. Sounds amazing, right?

Yep. And I don’t feel like talking to anyone too. That’s why I write.

“Often when we realize how precious those seconds are, it's too late for them to be captured because the moment has passed. We realize too late.” 
Cecelia Ahern

And I do miss that moment. T__T

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