Happiness is not something ready made. It comes from your own actions.

by - May 08, 2017

I love to see people smiling and laughing because I see happiness in them. It seems that there is nothing for them to be afraid and worried about. Because I’ve seen so many people who live in sadness and I’ve been taught that happiness is priceless.

People said, money can buy happiness. Maybe I should agree with the statement. But I need to add on it. Money can buy happiness but it was just temporary. Because the real happiness, is not about money. It is built in the heart, the attitude and the sincerity.

If you never be in the state where your bank account shows RM 20 and you can’t withdraw it anymore, but there are still people who are there, stay with you and support you non-stop, then maybe you know. They stay not because of your money. They stay because they love you. And you can’t buy love.

Yes, I am indeed a sentimental person. That’s why I appreciate every single effort that people put on me. Be it a small act of kindness, or a huge help, I appreciate them all. In fact, I remember each of them who are always with me during my ups and downs. That’s why too, I spent my money for them, let them choose anything that they want and feel the happiness through it. Nevermind if it’s just temporary. But it’s better than nothing, right?

You don’t have to buy them expensive things, just the thing that you think they need it, would do. And as long as it is comes from you, they will be happier more than what you expect them to be.

Do goods and good will come to you J.

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