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by - June 01, 2017

Every time you see someone’s bright-and-shiny, remember: They have their own crappy truths too. Of course they do.” 
Sophie Kinsella, My Not So Perfect Life

I finished that book yesterday. And I definitely will give it 5 stars. I love the way Kinsella wrote, and of course she indeed knows well about the branding life, the office politics and also the modern people lifestyle. And I was amazed.

I never went to London, and of course I can’t imagine how it looks like. Maybe few times busier than KL. I don’t know. Well, it’s awesome to know Katie (or sometimes Cat) and her perception towards life. And also how she managed to ‘speak’. I mean, the honest one. She just speaks the truth and never care what people might think about her. But I found that was brave since not many of us can do that.

We often have a feeling where we are so afraid to talk. We think we might hurt others’ feeling. We might upset them. But yeah, if it is the truth, hurting or not doesn’t matter anymore. Just let the person knows that. Because sometimes I think I am like that. Too afraid to say something just because didn’t want to hurt people feeling.

It’s bored. I know that. When you always have to take care of other people feelings and you forget to see yours. In the end, the one who hurts the most is you. I know there are a lot more values in the book. But the thing that I focus the most is about this. About being a voice out person when things seem wrong. And I get it. Thanks Kinsella.

And of course, you have to throw your idea when you think you are knowledgeable about something instead of letting other people with empty mind to do that. Don’t just stay still when you can act.

Am I being too adaptable? Sounds so. 

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