Fasabrun Jamil
Syafakallah by The Vespa Rider
I was having a little bit headache lately and I thought I need therapy or rest. And as usual, being in the bookstore must be a good try to remove all illness (for me). So yeah, I grab these two books last week and already finished in two days. In conclusion, my headache gone after two days without consuming any pills. How nice.

Title: Syafakallah
Author: The Vespa Rider
Pages: 170
Where I bought: Kinokuniya KLCC

What I expect?

I once thought that this book is like hipster poem. Like,

You thought I’m weak,
But I’m strong.

And the full page is leaving blank. So wasting.

That was what I thought la.

What it actually tells?

Then I brought that book to TBS and read it while waiting for my bus. And guess what? I did LOVE it by just reading the introduction or should I said, I LOVE it for the very first page of this book.
It is about life and the writer’s observation. The writer claims that the poems are raw pieces. Yes, it is indeed raw pieces. It is from the heart (the writer’s heart I mean) (eh memandai pulak tau hati orang @___@) and everything just hit me directly on my face. That’s why I found it too deep. Maybe because I was a little bit adapted? Well, maybe.

And I think it is a good choice of book to read especially for the youngsters out there. Don’t worry, you can understand all of them. It’s not like a Shakespeare’s piece pun so don’t be afraid. There’s a lot of things that you can learn and ‘see’ from what the writer is trying to say. And of course, you might have the feeling of being ‘the better you’ after you finish it.

Let’s try to read, ok?